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Since the inauguration of the Swedish Business Association of Singapore (SBAS) on the 27th of September 1982, Swedish business interests and establishments in Singapore have grown tremendously. There are now nearly 250 Swedish companies established in Singapore employing some 6 500 people. The overall Swedish community consists of around 2 200 individuals.

SBAS has continuously developed its activities to empower the growing Swedish business community and facilitating business opportunities.Today we have members ranging from well known multinational companies to small start-ups.

SBAS offers you a number of different activities in order to develop both professional and social relationships. Monthly seminars are arranged with expert speakers on business themes, local/regional themes or other themes relevant to the Swedish business and community. There are also seminars and events arranged for our two sub-groups PPG (Professional Partner Group) and the HRG (Human Resource Group).

SBAS traditionally works very closely with the Swedish Embassy in Singapore. Examples on joint events are “Welcome to new Swedes” and the National Day celebrations. We have also together arranged a number of Business Delegations to neighboring countries in the region, which have proved to be both popular and beneficial for our members.

In cooperation with the other Nordic Business Groups we arrange a monthly gathering called ScandBizBar. This gives you an excellent opportunity to network with the Nordic community in Singapore. As SBAS is an active member of EU: s Business Organization, EuroCham, there is ample opportunities for European networking and contacts. Events and Seminars are arranged on a regular basis by EuroCham.

Social activities are an important part of SBAS annual program. These gatherings vary from Swedish traditional activities such as the Midsummer Dinner, the Midwinter Ball and the hugely popular Lucia celebration and Christmas Dinner.

We have now launched our new blog with various information and functions. One example is the advertising possibility for Job offers and Job seekers free of charge. You can also of course find invitations and other information regarding the activities of SBAS.

As you can see from the above there are numerous reasons to become a member of SBAS!



Our Guidelines

Swedish Business Association of Singapore (SBAS) together with the Young Professionals (YP) will be a vibrant and dynamic business association for Swedish and Swedish related companies. SBAS major guidelines are:

To network

SBAS shall offer a platform for networking between members and other Swedish, Nordic and European business associations in Singapore. All events will offer an opportunity for networking and new business contacts. One of the regular informal networking events is the ScandBizBar, in co-operation with the Danish, Finnish and Norwegian Business Associations. SBAS will further offer forums for spouses and for people in transition between jobs, who wish to share their experiences.

To facilitate

SBAS shall comprise of a wide range of Swedish and Swedish related enterprises with operations in Singapore and this network will provide contacts with the “right” people and organizations. The objective will be to help members to find new business opportunities and contacts. SBAS will also provide the chance for members to share their experiences and to benefit from the exchange of ideas and advice.

To exchange competencies

SBAS shall regularly arrange seminars with expert speakers on business themes that are relevant to the Swedish and the Swedish related business community in Singapore. SBAS will furthermore, introduce forums for different professional categories. We will arrange business delegations to countries in the region, together with the Swedish Embassies and other Swedish business organizations. These trips will provide excellent opportunities for members to become familiar with other markets and to make new contacts outside Singapore.

To socialize

SBAS shall organize several social activities for members, their families and friends in Singapore. These activities will include traditional Swedish events such as National Day celebrations, Midsummer dinner, Christmas dinner with Lucia as well as the annual Midwinter Ball and sport activities such as the Family Rounders and Nordic Golf Tournament.


Young Professionals (YP)

YP is a social network for Young Professionals and students between 18-35.YP hosts many different social events to make sure to keep the Scandinavian traditions alive in Singapore. YP is open for all nationalities.

As a member of YP you will get access to Monthly After Work, Monthly seminars, Crayfish party, Midsummer party, Sports event and much more.

For more information contact


Human Resource Group, HRG

In 2009 SBAS established a Human Resource Group, HRG, which is a forum primarily for HR professionals employed by Swedish companies in Singapore.

A number of successful meetings have been held during this year with informative lectures followed by interesting discussions. Several meetings are planned for the second half of this year.

If you are interested to join HRG-group, please send an email to:


Professional Partner Group, PPG.

In 2009 SBAS also established the network “Professional Partner Group”, PPG. If you are a spouse to an SBAS member and wish to increase your networking opportunities amongst other professional spouses/partners, this is the network group for you. Regardless if you are working in Singapore, are in between jobs, or in transition, and wish to share and learn business experiences, SBAS Professional Partner Group will definitely have something to offer you.

If you are interested to join PPG-group, please send an email to:


Current Officer Bearers Of The SBAS Committee

Jan Stjernström

Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (publ)

Vice President

Lena Häggblom

Ericsson Telecommunications Pte Ltd
Lars Rönnquist

Saab Singapore Pte Ltd

Mark Cameron

Scania Singapore Pte Ltd

Horst Wasel

Ericsson Telecommunications Pte Ltd
Jessica Fayers

Bolon x Andrews Group
Sunita Kaur

Spotify Asia
Otso Toikka

Tetra Pak Jurong Pte Ltd
Alternate Committee Members
Magnus Gustavsson

Nöjdhs Underwater Technology
Pontus Cavefors-Svensson

Nordea Bank
Per Magnusson

Jebsen & Jessen (SEA) Pte Ltd
Robert Jessing


Non-Elected Member
Ambassador Håkan Jevrell

Embassy of Sweden
Trade Commissioner Emil Akander

Embassy of Sweden
Young Professional
Yuk Kee Pan

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