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SBAS has three different membership levels:

Corporate membership is open to all firms and companies incorporated, registered or represented in Singapore or in other South East Asian countries, in which there is a direct or indirect Swedish business interest. All the employees of the Corporate Member can join the activities of SBAS. The annual subscriptions for Corporate Membership is SGD 700.

Individual membership is open to any person, residing in Singapore, who is engaged in business or a profession in Singapore, but whose company does not qualify for Corporate Membership. This membership is only dedicated to the registered person. The annual subscriptions for Individual Membbership is SGD 200. Individual membership is a Non-voting membership.

Young Professionals Membership is open to any person, resident of Singapore, 35 years of age or below, who is engaged in business or a profession in Singapore. The annual subscriptions for Young Professionals (YP) is SGD 50. YP membership is an Non-voting membership.


To sign up, please select your preferred membership category and fill in the application form below.
Corporate Membership Fee S$700 per annum

Individual Membership Fee S$ 200 per annum

Young Professional Membership Fee S$ 50 per annum

Membership will start upon approval of your application by the SBAS and upon receipt of full payment. Please note that membership payment is nonrefundable. Your cheque should be made payable to: SBAS and forwarded to Swedish Business Association of Singapore,111, Somerset Road #05-01, Singapore 238164.

The Annual Corporate Membership, Individual Membership and Young Professional Membership entitles the member to participate at SBAS luncheons and breakfast meetings at a special member fee. All members are are regularly invited to attend a variety of business and social events at reasonable costs.


A. The annual subscriptions shall be payable within 14 days of election, failing which the Committee shall be entitled in the entire discretion to revoke the selection of the defaulting member.

B. The Committee shall be entitled to propose to the General Meeting a revision of fees and annual subscriptions from time to time as it considers fit.

C. Annual subscription shall be payable in advance for the year beginning the 1st January.

Any member who is in default of payment of the annual subscription shall be given 30 days which of such default, and if at the end of the period of such notice in its discretion deny the member the privileges of membership until the default is rectified.


Terms & Conditions

  1. Corporate Membership shall be open to all firms and companies and its employees which carry on business in Singapore in which there is a direct or a indirect Swedish interest. The Committee’s decision as to an applicant’s qualification for membership under this Rule shall be final.
  2. Corporate Members shall be entitled through their duly appointed representatives to attend and vote at General Meetings of the Association.
  3. Non-voting Membership for Individuals shall be open to any individual engaged or interested in commerce between Sweden and Singapore and employed by a company that would not quality for membership regulated under (A) above. The Committee’s decision as to an applicant’s qualification for Non-voting Membership for Individuals under this rule shall be final.
  4. Non-voting Membership for Young Professionals shall be open to any young individual engaged or interested in commerce between Sweden and Singapore. The Young Professionals will work separately from SBAS and prepare their own program for activities.
  5. Any Company or Individual, wishing to become a member of the Association shall submit its name to the Secretary and shall be required to complete an application for membership in such form as may be determined by the Committee. Applications for membersh ip shall be proposed and seconded by members of the Association.
  6. All applications for memberships shall be scrutinised by not fewer than three members of the Committee, and applicants shall be elected by a majority vote. In the event of an equality of votes the vote of the President, if among the scrutineers, shall be binding, and if not among the scrutineers the application in question shall be referred to the President whose decision shall be binding.
  7. Upon the election of an applicant for membership, notice thereof shall be given to the successful applicant, who shall be furnished with a copy of the Rules, and who shall henceforth be a member of the Association and be deemed to be bound thereby.
  8. Memberships shall be unlimited unless the Committee otherwise determines.

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